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5 Jun. 2019

AMCOR took part in the Moscow half marathon

As the old saying goes - a healthy mind in a healthy body. Corporate spirit of AMCOR team is one of the most important points of stability and success of our company. For this reason, it was decided to combine a pleasant pastime with colleagues in an informal atmosphere with corporate participation in a large-scale sports festival "Race", held in Moscow - one of the most beautiful capitals of Europe, with healthy physical activities beneficial to health.

On this wonderful day our colleagues shared the route of the marathon with more than 11 thousand participants from all over the world. The event was unforgettable. Let's ask our colleagues ' opinion about the event:

Anwar Manapov | Branch Manager RT

Before the race in the Moscow half marathon I had never competed in such events. But after my first distance of 10 kilometers, I realized that I wanted to move in this direction further. First of all, I drew attention to the global friendly mindset and good mood from involvement in such a mass event. It unites you. Unites with colleagues, with sports, there is pride in our generation and understanding that you are surrounded by many wonderful people. After the finish you realize that nothing is impossible, that all doubts are only in your thoughts.

We should get out of our shell more often and plunge into the atmosphere of celebration and struggle with our fears. To be honest inside I felt strong resistance. I was afraid to embarrass myself. Deep inside me was a doubt whether it is necessary for me at all? Now I know. You have to fight with yourself, pull yourself up by the scruff of the neck, you have to do something new, get better. Your fear is your enemy. Believe in yourself, you can. Become better right now and the world around you will also become better and kinder. Go!

Artem Andrianov | Electrical Department manager

The news of my participation in the marathon was both pleasant and exciting for me. It was a challenge for me, because I have not been running for a long time. On the day of the race from the excitement and doubt no trace left. Seeing the determined and positive faces of my colleagues, I was charged with a fighting mood to win, and I realized - I CAN!

And I could! The distance was easy for me, and at the finish I was greeted with loud cries by our more experienced and athletic colleagues. The friendly atmosphere felt during the distance left very pleasant memories for all life. I am now more confident in my abilities and in the future I am planning to take an active part in sports events with the participation of our company again!

Nikolay Glushkov | SEO

Magnificent and majestic in its beauty and scale event - more than 10,000 participants, sports, joy, fun. During the race, participants clap each other's hands in praise and support, shouting and playing musical instruments, volunteers also animated tired participants. Most of all I liked the drummer, playing combat and fast rhythms, which gave new strength.

For me, this event will be remembered for a long time - I set my new record, I am very proud of and now I will look forward to participating in the next race, where I am planning to try myself at a greater distance.

After sports activities delegation of AMCOR went out to eat at a nearby café, and to divide between the received impressions:

That's all! Finally, we give a video from the scene. We wish you a pleasant viewing!