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"Digit" enters all spheres of life. For industrial enterprises, digitalization allows to control processes here and now in as many detailes as necessary. It makes it possible for the management to monitor the condition of production, evaluate the effectiveness of equipment as well as the existing approaches in the production and management of the enterprise.

Most specialists working in various industries are rather conservative and are wary of innovative proposals. We recommend starting with the introduction of technologies for the equipment remote monitoring. They allow to diagnose a malfunction at an early stage and to eliminate it using less resources without leading to serious failures. The budget for the implementation of such solutions, as a rule, is not large, and the economic effect can be seen in a short time. The implementation objectives of monitoring systems are the following:

  • comprehensive diagnostics of the condition of the main and auxiliary equipment;
  • diagnostics of profitability indicators, reliability, quality of operation (including evalution of the operational personnel's performance);
  • development of maintenance programs;
  • increase the level of automation, optimization of operating modes;
  • risk and residual resource assessment;
  • concentration of knowledge and operational experience;
  • technical support, service analysis, development of maintenance programs.

In our opinion, enterprise managers need to understand that the risks associated with the introduction of digital solutions in the long term are much less than the risks due to the absence of such at the enterprise.