Service and upgrade

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Service and upgrade

Qualitative maintenance of power equipment is the basis for maintaining it in working condition without any loss of the declared operational characteristics and indicators. Timely replacement of old parts with new ones is the best way to solve the problem of equipment aging,  as well as to prevent emergency situations, expensive repairs and extended downtime.

Acting as an EPC contractor, AMCOR assumes responsibility for all stages of the implementation of projects for the medium and major repair of power equipment in accordance with the conditions prescribed in the contract.

AMCOR performs maintenance of power equipment throughout the life cycle:

  • planned and unscheduled maintenance and repair;
  • carrying out inspections, tests, flaw detection to prevent major repairs;
  • repair of parts and equipment at the factory, restoration of operational performance;
  • long-term service;
  • modernization of equipment.

Due to the obsolescence as well as wear and tear of structures and machines with the increase in operating time, all kinds of defects are accumulated due to changes in the properties of the metal characteristics. These factors contribute to the need to introduce updates and carry out the reconstruction of installed equipment.

Modernization allows renewing the resource of high-temperature modules which leads to an increase in reliability, as well as in power and economy of equipment. Modernization of components of the control and diagnostic system allows to increase the efficiency of operation of the equipment and prevent long downtimes.

The result of modernization is the improvement of technical and economic indicators of power equipment along with the increase in its resource.