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Producers of petroleum products around the world depend on the reliability of the hydrocarbon raw material supplies. Therefore, countries that have rich oil reserves have a great influence on the global economy. The oil refining and chemical industries consume huge amounts of raw materials, and as a result, the world oil and gas production is made in enormous quantities. If the share of oil in the overal energy consumption in 1900 was 3%, today it is 65%.

It is now clear that the reserves of traditional resources are depleted, and the times of easy oil are gone. The development of hard-to-recover reserves is organically linked to the introduction of new drilling technologies, modernization of the equipment park, innovative solutions that increase the assets of extractive and oilfield service companies.

AMCOR carries out a comprehensive maintenance service for drilling rigs. The competence of the company includes:

  • upper power drives;
  • automation, control and management systems;
  • equipment for preparation of drilling fluids;
  • anti-blowout equipment;
  • equipment for mechanization of round-trip operations;
  • round-trip equipment;
  • equipment for mechanized pipe saddle during round-trip operations;
  • consumables and drilling tools.

The main advantages of AMCOR:

  • Spare parts - the company provides prompt supply of spare parts for most of its products.
  • Repair and Lease - the service center offers a full range of equipment repair services, including its dismantling, assembly, and testing.
  • Complete modernization of oilfield equipment in order to restore the declared performance characteristics and indicators.

Serving as an EPC contractor, AMCOR is responsibile for all stages of performing the required work on time and in full.