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Positive piston-type mud pumps

The positive piston-type mud pump is one of the most important elements in the modern operating procedure of well drilling. On the reason of the growth in oil production, the single capacity of pumps is increasing, its design is improving, reliability and longevity of nodes and assemblies is increased. The purpose of the mud pump is to inject the wash fluid (water or drilling mud) into the well while drilling and perform the subsequent repair operations.

Today, there are a number of leading manufacturers of mud pumps on the market:

They manufacture pumps of various types — two-piston and three-piston pumps. Both types consist of two main parts — hydraulic and mechanical.

Hydraulic part of the mud pump:

  • hydraulic unit with inlet and outlet valves
  • cylinder-piston group
  • cooling unit
  • pneumatic compensator
  • safety valve

Mechanical part of the mud pump:

  • distribution unit
  • reductor
  • line shaft
  • driving pulley
  • crank mechanism
  • hull with nodes of the lubricating system

For the purpose of the expansion of the production line of business, Amcor is already using production facilities in the USA to manufacture and supply similar replacement parts of the highest quality for all of the above and other mud pumps.