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27 Jan. 2019

AMCOR is a Dynapower distributor

AMCOR has become an authorized Dynapower distributor. This status has been provided by Hydra Service, inc, the OEM of Dynapower pumps, motors, and turbine starters, which have a good record all over the word.

AMCOR – дистрибьютор Dynapower

AMCOR is authorized as a Dynapower distributor in all European countries.

Among the main Hydra Service equipment, hydraulic stators Dynapower 53WK570 can be single out. They are installed on a number of gas turbines manufactured by Rolls Royce, GE, and Pratt & Whitney.

The most popular models of the 53WK570 series:

  • 53WK57004-4;
  • 53WK57008-4;
  • 53WK57008-5;
  • 53WK57008-6;
  • 53WK57008-7;
  • 53WK57008-8;
  • 53WK57015-4;
  • 53WK57016-1;
  • 53WK57017.

Hydraulic stators Dynapower 53WK570

Dynapower pumps and motors can often be found in the Solar turbine hydraulic starter systems.

This authorization will help our company to continue timely provide customers with original equipment and components.