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8 Feb. 2019

Expansion of business interests

A drilling pump is one of the basic and the most important components of any drilling equipment.

During oil well construction drilling pumps can be used for a variety of functions:

  • The injection of flush fluid into the well for cleaning the latter from the sludge.
  • Supply of drilling mud into the well.
  • Transformation of the rocks into suspension.
  • Run of hydraulic engines.
  • Reducing of the temperature of the working tool subjected to heat and wear.

Drilling Pumps

Considering the above, and also in order to avoid an unscheduled outage of the equipment at oil-producing objects, serious requirements are placed on the quality and reliability of the drilling pump and its elements.

In this regard, our company expands its business and uses production facilities located in the USA to manufacture and supply high-quality component parts for the drilling pumps.