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28 Mar. 2019

Implementation of projects using plunger pumps

Modernization of the existing and construction of new objects at the enterprises of the chemical, petrochemical, oil and gas and oil refining industries requires modern pumping equipment. Plunger pumps are referred to as reliable and energy-efficient pumping equipment.

AMCOR has close partnerships with leading manufacturers of reciprocating pumps, and also has significant experience in engineering and supply of pump units, which allows us to successfully cooperate with industrial enterprises representing different industries.

Plunger pump

Plunger pumps and systems, designed and manufactured according to the terms of requirements specification, are often the best solution of the complex technical problems. Their use makes it possible to exactly meet the requirements and conditions of operation.

Such projects also help to improve the efficiency of production processes and the competitiveness of products.

Our company is ready for mutually beneficial cooperation in this field.