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Maintenance of the Gas Turbine Units

Today, when the consumption of different energy types is increasing throughout the world, the role of gas turbines, which are flexible, mobile and quite efficient sources of energy, is becoming more and more important. The dynamically developing Oil & Gas sector is a striking example of this trend. In the Oil & Gas industry, a large number of diverse gas turbines are used. They significantly differ from each other in technical and economic parameters, design and versions.

Keeping of such installation in good and operative condition is based on timely and high-quality maintenance and repair. With a proper organization of maintenance and repair, the service life of the gas turbine unit is prolonged, and its downtimes are minimized.

Gas turbine failures are usually caused by faults associated with wear, deformation, and corrosion.

The terms and procedure, as well as the scope of maintenance and repair, are specified in the corresponding technical conditions, regulations, instructions of the gas turbine manufacturer and other normative documents.

Maintenance of the gas turbine unit includes running service, planned-prophylactic and corrective measures.

In the documentation of the gas turbine unit the manufacturer determines the procedure, timing and type of service with reference to the equivalent operating time. Maintenance intervals can be adjusted depending on the actual operation of the installation, the number of start-ups and the type of used fuel, based on the methods provided by the manufacturer.

Daily inspection and check of all equipment of the gas turbine unit is carried out at least once per a shift. During these activities, the equipment is inspected for its integrity and the absence of visible damages; leakages of lubricants, oils, gas, and water, foreign objects and formations are being detected.

Scheduled maintenance is carried out on schedule with the fulfillment of the entire list of works specified in the maintenance plan.